Netilion wins 2020 Asset Management Product of the Year Award from Plant Engineering

Every year, the readers of Plant Engineering Magazine vote for the best solutions throughout our industry. In 2020, Netilion won in the asset management category!

Today, we’re excited to announce that the readers of Plant Engineering Magazine have chosen Netilion as 2020’s Product of the Year for asset management! This magazine has existed, first in print and then in digital form, since 1947, so we’re proud to have achieved this mark of distinction from such a well-established publication in our field. Please read on to learn more!

What’s the Product of the Year Award for asset management?

Over the decades of transforming from a print magazine to a multimedia platform, Plant Engineering (PE) has built an engaged readership of technicians, engineers and managers in industrial facilities around the world. And every year, PE asks its audience to vote for the best solutions in plant equipment across various categories, ranking them as bronze, silver and gold.

This year, the PE readership gave Netilion the gold award for being the best asset management solution on the market. This category covers products that inform users about the health status of plant field devices, providing relevant insights for predictive maintenance.

These instrument diagnostics are a key factor in preventing problems from happening instead of fixing them after they happen. All tools that improve the operation and maintenance of an installed base play a major role in making asset management easy and successful.

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What is Netilion?

Netilion is a multi-brand IIoT escosystem developed by Endress+Hauser. With decades of experience in process automation, Endress+Hauser created Netilion to facilitate the digital transformation of industrial companies.

Using the second-channel concept presented by NAMUR Open Architecture, Netilion connects the physical world to the digital realm to unlock data and turn it into relevant insights. Having information accessible in just a couple of clicks anywhere you are increasing your plant efficiency and makes your products and processes more sustainable.

How does Netilion support asset management?

The Netilion IIoT ecosystem allows you to manage the life cycles of your field devices with Netilion Analytics and check the diagnostics of your assets using Netilion Health. Netilion also can manage asset documentation in Netilion Library and monitor measurements remotely with Netilion Value. You can even transfer data to your own system with an API and Netilion Connect.

In short, Netilion is all about the enormous possibilities of asset management unlocked by digitalization.

That’s why PE’s audience made Netilion the 2020 Product of the Year. We’d like to thank Plant Engineering and its readers for their votes of confidence and invite everyone else to discover more about Netilion either here on our blog or at

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