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Industrial facilities matter. Their output, energy and people matter. To make the right decisions, you need the right knowledge. Retrieve data through Netilion and gain knowledge and insights.

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Why Netilion?

Netilion is an award-winning cloud-based IIoT ecosystem, designed for industrial processes. It connects the physical and digital worlds to send valuable information from the field straight to your phone, tablet or other device. Netilion empowers you to improve efficiency and drive innovation.

Why Netilion

Multi-brand ecosystem

You have equipment from various vendors in your installation. An IIoT solution should provide data from as many assets as possible, and Netilion can do that. This multi-brand ecosystem brings transparency into your plant regardless of device type or manufacturer.

Security and Privacy

Security & privacy

Your facility’s information is valuable and needs protection. Netilion allows you to access data digitally because it meets internationally recognized standards of cloud-platform security. It’s a safe harbor for your data. Read more

Easy and Simple

Simple and easy

Every tool’s benefits stand and fall with its usability. When developing Netilion, we always aim at making it easy to use. Initial implementation is simple and daily use comfortable. All your data is a few taps away.

Why Netilion

Digital Services

Turn data into knowledge.

Netilion digital services

Turn data into knowledge with our digital services. We designed Netilion Services to trace and use all kinds of data from the field. Increasing data access will increase your knowledge of your installation and ease operations.

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Netilion digital services


Integrate data and knowledge into your infrastructure.

Netilion integrations

Netilion can help you by transferring collected data into your own systems. You can do this with the aid of the API that Netilion Connect provides.

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Netilion integrations

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