EtherNet/IP and Industrial IoT in less than 5 minutes

You can find Ethernet already in the field, with more and more devices connecting with it. Today, let’s learn more about EtherNet/IP with three videos.

If you regularly read our content, you’ve probably seen our extensive article about EtherNet/IP. Today, Michael and Jovana will answer your questions in three videos, to give you a clear picture of EtherNet/IP’s possibilities and how it works with IIoT.

The future is digital, and part of that future will have many types of measuring devices communicating with EtherNet/IP. Maybe you’re familiar with the technology and want more details. Or maybe you want to know how it can help your plant or new application.

Regardless, it’s worth taking a few minutes to watch these videos and checkout the article, because you can never know too much about EtherNet/IP.

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What’s EtherNet/IP?

EtherNet/IP is a structure that allows you to connect your field assets, devices, controllers, and control system in the same Ethernet network. It was developed based on the CIP following the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) and the standard TCP/UDP suite.

It’s open IEC standard and a best-in-class Ethernet network, so let’s have Michael and Jovana explain a bit more.

What is EtherNet/IP?

What are the EtherNet/IP topologies?

EtherNet/IP is an active infrastructure, with network segments using point-to-point connections in a star topology. The core of this topology is the interconnection of layer-2 and layer-3 switches. These switches support many point-to-point nodes. Find out more about what you need for your own network in this video.

What are the EtherNet/IP topologies?

How does EtherNet/IP apply to Industrial IoT?

EtherNet/IP is ready to support Industrial IoT in digital communication. I’ve seen some discussion saying it can’t be used for IIoT. But it follows the NAMUR NOA concept, meaning you can pull all the data from your network through an edge device and send it to the cloud, where you have an application running to treat the data.

Netilion Ecosystem is an excellent example of a cloud-based service working with EtherNet/IP. You can use Netilion’s services with data that the system collects using the edge device, or you can migrate this data to a third-party application using the Netilion Connect with our integration solutions.

How does EtherNet/IP apply to Industrial IoT solutions?

As this video shows, EtherNet/IP brings a comprehensive list of benefits for different industries and applications. Best of all, the communication is digital and aligned with IIoT solutions.

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