Mike: the maintenance technician

"Hi, I’m Mike. I am the maintenance technician in our chemical plant. I take care of thousands of assets. In the past, it took me hours searching for the right documentation for doing device configuration and other maintenance tasks.

Today, I have my Field Xpert tablet with me and it’s connected to Netilion Library. My life is so much easier because device configuration has become smart now..."

Ryan: the maintenance manager

Hello, my name is Ryan. I am the maintenance manager in our chemical plant. My challenge is to manage the maintenance activities with limited resources. Often, I face unexpected interruptions.

Luckily, with Netilion Library I have a space where I can share information with my team. This helps me staying in control..."

Netilion Library and Field Xpert

Device configuration is made smart with Netilion Library and Field Xpert. Together, they make the knowledge of your facility available everywhere at any time.

Netilion Library saves and organizes the working files that you generate during your maintenance and commissioning tasks, e.g. device configuration reports.
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Field Xpert is an award winning industrial tablet PC for device configuration. Connected to Netilion Library, it organizes all your working files and digital asset twins for you.
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Smart device configuration with Netilion Library and Field Xpert: Mike and Ryan love it

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