Micropilot FWR30 – The cloud-connected IIoT radar level sensor

Smart level transmitter for remote and mobile asset monitoring

Making level measurement simple.
The Micropilot FWR30 is a battery-powered IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) radar level transmitter. It provides high-end technology in a cost-effective way, making level measurement in various applications easier than ever. Together with Netilion Value, the FWR30 uses wireless communication to optimize level measurement in supply chains and many other processes.

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Smart level monitoring – anywhere, anytime

In most level-monitoring applications, the operators verify their data intermittently and manually. This lack of accurate and constant regulation directly affects quality and ROI. The Micropilot FWR30 together with the Netilion Value offers a simple setup, fast installation, and clear data visualization. This smart level transmitter uses 80-GHz radar technology, guaranteeing accurate measurements, and the Netilion Value digital service provides a secure and certified solution with immediate access to your data, its history, your field map, and more.

Monitoring solution for facing the challenges of level measurement


Level measurement in mobile tanks

Mobile plastic tanks

Chemical distributors must have accurate level measurements without exposing their employees to high risks. As a non-invasive sensor, the FWR30 IIoT radar can reduce exposure, and the Netilion Value system can display data remotely on a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

Level measurement in stationary tanks

Stationary plastic tanks

Stationary tanks can use simple level sensors (like visual level indicators), but those offer the risk of parallax error. Because the Micropilot FWR30 provides constant, accurate level measurement and Netilion Value provides instant access to your data, you gain more control over your product, saving you time and money.

Level measurement with IIoT

IIoT applications

The FWR30 and Netilion Value together provide an easy way to add IIoT monitoring solutions to your processes. You can view all your data with a simple interface in a secure environment, and Netilion Connect lets you integrate the data into business applications such as SAP, SupplyCare Hosting, and others.

How does the Micropilot FWR30 work?

Just create a free Netilion account and scan the QR code from the FWR30. Then you can set the values and transmission rate in the system. As soon as the device comes online, it’s ready to go, with its configuration data stored automatically in the cloud. You can view the primary value (PV) from this IIoT radar sensor on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

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What is Netilion Value?

Netilion Value is a digital service based in the cloud to make remote monitoring easier. It provides a dashboard, history, notifications, and more with its straightforward user interface. You can integrate and connect smart sensors like the Micropilot FWR30 IIoT radar level transmitter with just a few clicks. It also offers high-level security and data privacy and will work in all kinds of industries and markets.

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How can Netilion Inventory reduce overstock or gaps in supply?

Netilion Inventory helps customers around the world simplify inventory management, reduce costs, and collect field data. It reduces overstock or gaps in supply by notifying you as soon as orders are needed. It offers “plug-and-play” ease to provide everything you need to know about your inventory around the world, increasing productivity and decreasing costs.

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